Saturday, July 14, 2012

What is The Best Time of The Week?

I think EARLY Saturday Morning. 

 It is the most calm and peaceful time of the week. It smells like coffee and toast!
When I was young, I would have chosen Friday night, for all the obvious reasons. Now, Friday after work I try to get home early and get my home clean, and smelling fresh so that I can enjoy it the rest of the weekend.
I still had four loads of this to do this morning... 
but that is now done and I'm free to play! 

There is going to be a little of this...

And a whole lot of this!

 And have I mentioned? I'm supposed to have this read by the 4th Monday in August... 

It's 1100 pages... Anyone have any ideas?
I'm really struggling getting into it.

 Oh... and the other thing about about Saturday morning.... 
that second cup of coffee! 
It's 12:30 and husband is taking his first nap of the weekend. :)  Sweet!
What about you all? 
Do you have a favorite time of the week?


Michele said...

Awesome post!

My recommendation for Les Mis - call your library and see if they have books on tape - and then crochet while "reading/listening."
Perfect way to handle must-reads.

As for MY perfect part of whole week - my very favorite is sunday afternoons....but very favorite part of each day is dusk - the blue hour just before dark. I find so much peace then for some odd reason, it really gets me every time I notice it.

Hope your weekend is wonderful and perfect and full of peace!!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Saturday afternoon....the beginning of my husband's "weekend"....

Hey, I think that idea of Michele's is great....get the book on tape!

Looks like we may get some rain this weekend...I would love a nice steady rain...NOT a monsoon!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

When I worked, I agree with you, early Saturday morning and knowing that I didn't have to rush to work. Enjoying my coffee and planning my day to just play. Hope you have a super weekend. I had the best time Thursday. Can't wait until we all get together again. Hugs, Marty

Anonymous said...

I tried to reread all the classics years ago and there were several that I just got bogged down in- this is one of them I believe!

Love your pictures!

Jocelyn said...

I tried to read Les Mis when my son was in High School. I agree with the others. I found it on tape and it was much better, plus I could keep up with it better.

Jocelyn @

Pollyanna said...

I feel your pain, I am almost halfway through David Copperfield for my book club (800 pages) meeting July 26th ...
Good luck!

Lisa said...

Your bed looks so pretty Liz! I love the colors! Saturday morning is the best. I lounge around in my jammies and watch The Food Network.HA!
PS Girl, rent the movie and call it a day.:)

Unknown said...

Since I've retired, it's the entire week! I am in full retirement mode now, just doing whatever I want to. It's so much fun!!!!!!!

Heirloom treasures said...

Lovely post. I like the way you put the pics to the chores.:)
I've never read the book, but absolutely love the show.
Being retired you would think I wouldn't have a favourite day of the week,but I always look forward to Friday because after 4 days of routine (we stick to routine still)Friday we go out for a little shop browsing and a nice coffee (my hubby actually only takes tea) but we always say going out for a coffee. It's the only time I drink it,just one a week in our favourite little cafe,called Our little kitchen.xx

Debbie Kay said...

Well Saturday morning at your lovely home looks like a very peaceful place. I too enjoy the peace & serenity of the beginning of a new day......

Smiles & Sunshine,


April D said...

sounds fun! your home is so pretty.
Les Mis--skip the scenery. there is a TON of description in that book...don't know WHY he felt the need to describe every hillside, tree trunk, and rock, but REALLY, he did!
it's SUCH a good story--no telling how long the book on tape is, but that might just work!
hope you enjoy!

Melissa said...

It really is slow the first few times...there are good parts but there are many parts that seem extremely extraneous the first few times until you are in love with the characters.

Two places where you really can skip whole chapters without hurting yourself is when he digresses into the Battle of Waterloo and when he digresses into the lives of the nuns.

If you can find it in an unabridged audio, that would be great. I'm reading the Count of Monte Cristo now - it is a monster too - over 1200 but very readable (probably more so than Les Mis on a first read).