Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snow Balls In the Desert

Working on a fun little craft project.

Who doesn't like a project that you can finish in 
a single afternoon?

How about simple pom pom garland?
I am currently (like as I finish this post) working on one for the
entertainment unit. But I finished this one earlier this week and
thought I would share it with you.

 I got my inspiration from Miss Mustard Seed
Love her style.

The stars are from Target. The pom pom garland is
really the only different thing that I did this year. 

I do love it. 
Kinda looks like snow balls in the desert. 

The stars are a tiny bit glimmery, but still pretty primitive.

Same centerpiece.

Anyway... let me know if you make the little garland. 
Its totally fun and easy. 

Merry Christmas!