Saturday, February 13, 2016

Update and the Ugly Truth!

Well! We are so far into this little project that I can no longer
post about anything else!

I just have to give you the update and the ugly truth. 

SO! Here we go!

For years, actually since shortly after moving into our home in
2003, I have wanted to make some major changes to our kitchen. 

We always had plans, but something always came up. This year
is it. It needs to be done and there is just no more putting it off. 

I really do like the floor plan and appliance set up. And the appliances we have 
kept updated as needed. However, the cabinets and counters left a lot to be 
desired. And further, have only gotten worse, no matter how much I "add" 
to the decor. 

I have drooled and dreamed over the same style of kitchen for years!
I you look at my Pinterest pages you will see a lot of this:


And this...


Or this...


And even this...


So now I'm sure you know the update. 

But here's the ugly truth:

This is what the kitchen looked like after "moving out".

Then at the beginning of this week, less the cabinets.

And currently with the base cabinets in. 
Real purty! huh?

Stay tuned for more!