Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Color of the Week #2

 Hello my fellow Lacquer Lovers!
This is my Color of the Week.... Mellow Yellow. This is from the spring color collection from Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear line. I have to say that my experience seems to be that when you buy cheap nail polish you should expect to fight with it. This color is actually beautiful but the polish goes on thick with streaks. Fortunately the top coat helped to even it all out. This manicure is 4 days old and is really wearing well. So that is a good thing. My dots are Berlin There Done That by OPI. 

 Quick reminder! 
Fresh-Cut Friday is this week. I will have the linky tool up Thursday evening. Please feel free to join in and share your garden or fresh flower arrangements.

Have a Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Just a little before and after...

 This is our pale blue guest room. I've shown it before, but I wanted to share a 
little addition that I completed this past weekend.  

 See the little red cup and saucer shelf? 
Well this is what it looks like now.

I got it just for my Homer Laughlin teacups that I love so much. 

 So that's it.

 Did you finish any little projects this weekend?

I'm joining Marty for Inspire Me Tuesday
Bernideen for Tea in the Garden

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This and That

 Ello, Ello, and Ello again! 
Yay! We have a Prince of Cambridge!
Not that it matters in the least to me or mine.... but isn't it wonderful? 
Such a handsome family!

I'm awfully happy about the moisture that we have been enjoying in Phoenix. 
Look at this awesome sunset! 
I took this picture of the EASTERN sky Saturday night. It seriously lasted 
5 minutes and was gone. So stunning! It is truly amazing what you can see when you are looking and watching for God's Blessings.  Later that night we had a MASSIVE down pour.
While that was absolutly delightful, it kept me from fininshing a little paint job on Sunday that I 
need to do. Life is certainly a give and take, isn't it?! 
Well, HOPEFULLY, I will be able to share that NEXT week.

Until then, I leave you with this little paint job! :)

Here's my Color of the Week... Only if your wondering. 
Thimbleberry by Sinful Colors  
$1.99 a bottle at Target.
This is 2 coats and a top coat the first day. The color was a little sheer. I did a 3rd coat yesterday because it had started chipping on the 3rd day and I could tell it wasn't going to stop. I like for my manicure to last a full week. AND, since I have to meet with customers, I can't stand for it to be all chippy. I'm old school and think that looks unprofessional and unkempt.

Just my humble opinion. :)

Enjoy your week!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bargain Tea Cups

This is exactly why I should not "just run into TJ Maxx". 
These were on sale... $1.50 each..... 
Had to have them!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

E is for Easy and E-reader Cover

Hi Love-r-lees!
Are you having a fabulous week?
Do you have a fun weekend planned?
I do hope so!

I have a little project to share that I designed.

I wanted to share it because I really just love a simple weekend project
and I suspect that some of you do too! 

This is another one of those "oops, I didn't right it down" designs.
But that is ok, because it really is pretty self explanatory. 
Just cast on enough stitches to knit a piece of fabric big enough to fold over. 
I think mine was 55 (?)
You can really figure this out by using your reader or tablet
and eyeballing it.

Once you get the length you want, start decreasing on each side for your fold over flap. 
I crocheted a really simple double crochet edge on the flap to give it a little more
of a finished edge.

There is one L-shaped seam and a chain stitch loop for your big button. 

That's it!
Let me know if that is enough instruction for you to go on. If you have questions
let me know.  I'll email you back.

I'm joining Sherry for Home Sweet Home
Ginny for Yarn Along

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happier Than I Deserve

I love this.... I got it off of pinterest.

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Week!

There isn't a lot worth chatting about here this last weekend. 
Spent most of Saturday with mom finishing up some details to get her property 
listed and on the market. On the way home we stopped here. 

It was hardly a sacrifice... since she bought me lunch here. 
The Absolutely BEST pies in the whole world!
Of course, that is just my humble opinion. :P

 Friday night I did my nails (as usual). Here's how they turned out.... 
Kinda CUTE! I've gotten a ton of compliments on them.

 Finally! Sunday after church, we went to The Container Store. I bought these
acrylic spice racks for my nail polish. They are behind the door in the water 
closet of our master bathroom so no one sees them. Just me! ;)
I know some of you will think this is ridiculous. 
And I'm okay with that! LOL! :) Because I TOTALLY love it!!
I wish I would have done years ago.
I did get some organizing done and tossed some stuff. It felt really good. 
So no decorating, no crafting. Sorry. 
I do have some posts ready to go. So check back in this week. 

Talk to you soon!

I'm joining in for Inspire me Tuesday

Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Mondaaaaaay.....

Hi all you happy people! 
I hope you are having a fabulous and productive week so far. 
Monday is almost over so that is a great start! :)

I trust that you had a great holiday celebrating our country's independence.

We actually had 4 days of relaxation while we stayed in town and stayed cool. 
Went to the movies... saw Man of Steel. It was a little long but good. 
I must say... Superman is very handsome!

I finished one project and started another.

Oh... watched all of Season 1 (for the 3rd time) and got a good start on Season 2. 
I'm getting so good that I can recite lines now. 
Love some of the quotes!

Started this... (ummmm very hard to put down)

Also ordered this... 
We should be able to have breakfast on the patio next Saturday.
That is if we get up at 5:00a.m.  It should only be in the 90's then. 

 We had a wonderful Fresh-Cut Friday!
Thanks to everyone for joining in.
I thought the posts were amazing! 

Our next get-together will be August 2nd. 
The Flower of the Month of August... Gladiolas or Poppies. 
But like I always say.... that isn't the rule just the inspiration.

Stay cool!
Have an ice cream sandwich. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fresh-Cut Friday ... Freedom Style!

And Happy 
Independence Day!
We are having a relaxing day so I will get right to 
Fresh-Cut Friday

 My centerpiece is a less-is-more theme this month. 
Nothing over the top, since we aren't entertaining anyone, other than each other
tonight.  :)

 I think it has a little boy charm to it though... don't you? 

 Yup! Country to the core!

 Aren't these boots the sweetest? They were my brother's when he was little. 
I think they are perfect! I love it that my mom saved them all these years.
She has a picture of him wearing these, a white t-shirt and long cut offs. 
Of course, he is sporting a crew cut.  :)
A sweet reminder of summers long ago.

From our cottage to yours... 
Happy 4th of July 
Let Freedom Ring!

Okay, now go visit each other and say nice things! :) 
I can't wait to see your arrangements.
I'll be joining:
Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday
Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday
Bernideen at Bernideen's Tea Time Blog for Open House 
Sherry at The Charm of Home for Home Sweet Home
Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday