Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This and That

 Ello, Ello, and Ello again! 
Yay! We have a Prince of Cambridge!
Not that it matters in the least to me or mine.... but isn't it wonderful? 
Such a handsome family!

I'm awfully happy about the moisture that we have been enjoying in Phoenix. 
Look at this awesome sunset! 
I took this picture of the EASTERN sky Saturday night. It seriously lasted 
5 minutes and was gone. So stunning! It is truly amazing what you can see when you are looking and watching for God's Blessings.  Later that night we had a MASSIVE down pour.
While that was absolutly delightful, it kept me from fininshing a little paint job on Sunday that I 
need to do. Life is certainly a give and take, isn't it?! 
Well, HOPEFULLY, I will be able to share that NEXT week.

Until then, I leave you with this little paint job! :)

Here's my Color of the Week... Only if your wondering. 
Thimbleberry by Sinful Colors  
$1.99 a bottle at Target.
This is 2 coats and a top coat the first day. The color was a little sheer. I did a 3rd coat yesterday because it had started chipping on the 3rd day and I could tell it wasn't going to stop. I like for my manicure to last a full week. AND, since I have to meet with customers, I can't stand for it to be all chippy. I'm old school and think that looks unprofessional and unkempt.

Just my humble opinion. :)

Enjoy your week!


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I have never in my life seen a sunset more colorful - ours are pretty but not like THAT!

I am wearing turqoise blue nails today, was going to post about it but I was impatient and didn't wait for them to dry and botched the paint up...so if I DO post about them, it will be another time.

Yor manicure looks fabulous! Diva even!

Unknown said...

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Pamela Gordon said...

What a gorgeous sky! I often notice that the eastern sky can be as beautiful or more so than the western sunset sky. Love the nail colour.