Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fresh-Cut-Friday # 23 THE ROSE!

Hi Friends and Sweet Flower People! 
Can you believe that it is already time for FCF again. 
Well I can't lie! I love it that this months flower is the ROSE! 
Look at this mess! I seriously need to take a class in composition. 
Along with a photography class and a class for Photoshop!
  I'm showing off my new Christie Repasy signed print.  
Isn't It so pretty?  
I love it! I hung it in my crap.. eh craft room. 
 These are the roses that I chose... As usual from Safeway.
My roses in the garden are really faded right now.  It's 108 for crying out loud!
My mother's pocket watch...

  So, what do you think? Can you take a bad picture of a rose? 
I don't think so!

So now I want to see all your pretty pictures. 
Make sure you link back to this post and visit each other. 
We usually don't have to many participate so it is pretty 
easy to get around to see everyone. 

I'll be joining:
Sherry at The Charm of Home for Home Sweet Home, Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday and Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Window Shopping

A year ago or so I was out shopping and brought home a lovely window.  I stashed it under the guest bed for a later project.  A few weeks ago I finally pulled it out and finished the project. Seriously? It only took about an afternoon.   
What was I waiting for?!
 It was green with silver hardware. 
This picture shows that it has actually been a few colors. 
 It already had a lot of the hardware that I wanted.  Cup hooks and hanging wire. I painted it all creamy white.
 I used the cup hooks to hang my botanical prints. 
 My cousin bought me these gorgeous prints at Nell Hill in Kansas City. 
I wanted them specifically for this arrangement. 
 With the addition of the dragon flies... garden cottage chic! 

 I'm pretty happy with it! 

If you are curious and want to see more of the guest room, click here.

don't you love it when you 
finally finish a project?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Morning!

 Good morning Sunshines! 
I'm just showing you the last of my 
Mother's Day roses. 
I can't believe how long they lasted. There were 24 to begin with. I pulled the best of them out and put them in my little sugar bowl by the sink. That way I see them every day.

 I'm also pretty happy this morning about something else. 
What you might ask?

 I've lost 5 lbs! Woo Hoo! A very good thing. Hubs has lost 15!! I think we have finally turned the corner on some of our bad habits. He hasn't had a soda in 6 weeks. Me? 4 weeks! 
And are you ready for this? 
We have cut WAY back on our coffee. Like once a week!  I do miss it though. I'm not going to lie.
  I have also picked up 
this new cook book. The Cooking Lite Gluten-Free cookbook. Doesn't gluten just sound like something that would make you fat?

I've been looking though it and I have to say.... it doesn't look dietary! I'll be sharing some of the recipes with you over the next few weeks. 

I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Just A Pop In

 I didn't have time to take a photo of my new necklace the other day.  
 So I thought I would just pop in with a few photos.
Simple and elegant. I can wear it everyday. 
Thank you Big G!  
I love it and I love you!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey Sweetheart.... It's Mother's Day!

 I went to the sweetest little tea party this afternoon. I forgot to take my camera, so I don't have any shots of the party.  But let's just say, it was the kind of tea party that hats were required!
 Speaking of a sweet little tea party... look at this tiny, cute tea set. A friend gave it to me. It was in her Mother's things and she thought I would like it.  
Well, YES, I do! 
Thank you Teresa!
Our party favors were little tea cup and saucers with cupcakes in them that we decorated. 
I just thought was such a clever idea!
What could be better than having a 
tea party in the afternoon?
A lovely piece of jewelery from my Hubs and 2 dozen roses from my Law Daughter!

That's what! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Did You See The Moon The Other Night?

Sunday night the moon was amazing! Did you see it? I took a picture but this actually looks more like the sun, even after the photo editing and effects.  It was supposed to be the brightest moon of the year. Those are little Rock Doves sleeping on our neighbors roof. So sweet! They coo to each other early in the morning.

Sometimes it's the little things that I have no control over that I am able to notice. 
And for that Lord, I am grateful!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank You!

 A really big thank you to everyone that participated in Fresh-Cut Friday. Our next party will be June 1st. And the Flower of the month is the Rose.
I hope you have a lovely and productive week. Don't forget to make time for the really important stuff!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fresh-Cut Friday and The Peruvian Lily

Happy Fresh-Cut Friday to you all and welcome, WELCOME!
 May's flower is the Lily. So, today I'm showing the Peruvian Lily, also called alstroemeria.

Unlike the Stargazer Lily, these little lovelies are fragrance free.
They come in orange, red, pink, purple, white, rose, salmon and yellow. These are the red variety.
The common message that you send with these is friendship and devotion.

They are perfect for a bouquet. They have one single stem with many blooms. Which makes for some pretty easy arranging.
I used my antique gravy boat that came from my husband's 95 year old grandma.
So what about you? 
How do you feel about lilies?

I'm Joining
Sherry at The Charm of Home for Home Sweet Home 
Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday
Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday