Friday, September 30, 2016

Workin' it out

Hey friends!
I'm up to no good and playing in the dishes again.
It's my favorite part of entertaining. 
I love having lots of time to plan and work it all out.

Today I'm trying different table settings for Thanksgiving. 
Somethings I know I will use, as we have enough for 12. 

The Blue Danube

The Threshold gold flat ware that I got from Target.
(so glad I picked these up)

And I'm love love Loving! The navy buffalo check napkins
that I got in the dollar spot at Target.

What I'm still playing with are the chargers and placemats.

The wood chargers look rustic. Don't you think?

Adding the orange napkins really brings warmth to the setting. 

I'm really liking this one.... But then ....

Who knows! 

It could end up totally different! 
I picked up some DARLING little white pumpkins..... hhmmm.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Gilded Life

Sunday afternoon I had the very fun privilege of attending a soft opening for 

design . education . events
located at 7756 E. Greenway Road in Scottsdale Arizona 

This place is amazing! A girly girl paradise.  

Baskets full...

Bowls full...

Jars full ...   of tiny ballerinas.

Antique cases full...  By the way, this case is almost as tall as me 5'7".



And more GLITTER!

Gifts for your friends.

Gifts for yourself!

A Gilded Life isn't just pretty.
 The ladies of A Gilded Life will be collaborating with 
a large, varied group of other talented people to provide fun classes and events

The Grand Opening is Saturday, October 15th. 

Don't miss it!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


This morning I woke up, made the coffee, started watching the news and saw the light streaming in our dinning room window. 
It was so pretty, I just felt like taking a picture of it. 

It felt good to have a real camera in my hands and not just an awkward phone. 
I forgot how much I loved the editing process. 
I forgot how much I loved posting on my blog. 
I forgot how much I loved sharing my photos.

I forgot that!