Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Monday's Manicure and How I Make It Last All Week


Okay! So over the last year or so I have had a few 
requests to show you what I do and use to make 
my manicures look like a salon manicure and so that 
they last more than a week.  (sorry for the run on sentence)
So here's the whole process. 

First I wanted to show you what my nails look like after a week.
Not to bad. I do a lot of crafting, and clean my own home. 
Plus, I work full time.  

Okay, let's get started, shall we?
Before I take my old polish off, I file. Leaving the polish on
helps to to quickly see the shape of my nail. Plus I feel like
it helps to protect the nail from splitting. I also think that
a glass file works best for me. This is the OPI file that
I mentioned in my favorites post down below.

I use pure acetone. I know that there are a lot of people that 
won't like this. But here's the deal. It's fast and I wash my hands
several times during the process anyway.  Plus, its cheap!

Once that's done, I wash my hands and apply the cuticle remover.

The one that I am currently using is from Sally Hanson.

This is not my favorite, but they have changed the formula and
I'm still looking for a replacement. 

After the cuticle remover is worked in, very gently push the
cuticles back. Now wash your hands. NEVER leave the 
cuticle remover on. It will continue to work, so you want
to remove it when your done.

Next, I nip any dead skin that might be around my nail. 
Never clip your cuticles.  This can make any possible 
hang nails worse.

After all the polish is off and the cuticles are addressed, I
buff the top of my nails. I do this because for some reason
as I have aged, my nails have developed vertical ridges. If 
I do this every time then I don't have to work very hard at it.
A couple of passes and I'm done.
I wash my hands again to remove any nail dust.

Okay first coat is my base coat, Stickey by CND.
Why a base coat? It gives the polish something to stick to and
it can help prevent your nails from yellowing.

Try not to flood your cuticles when painting. The base 
coat dries very quickly.

Next, nail hardener. This really is a favorite of mine.
I have used it for years. Nailtiques.  Here's my theory. Part
of what makes your polish chip is when your nail bends or 
folds. When this happens your polish actually will crack and 
eventually will chip off. 
This products will prevent your nails from bending.  

Again, don't flood the cuticle.

Now we're ready for the color. I was inspired by the 
sunflowers in the background so I picked this Julie G
color, Canary Islands.

Never shake your polish before you use it. Doing so will
cause air bubbles in the polish. Instead, gently roll between your 

Here's one coat, we'll need another one.

Now this next trick is a secret that I learned and 
I'm going to show you.  I pour a little acetone in a 
small jar and use an angle brush. 

I correct any uneven lines. The trick is to do it 
before the polish dries.

Finally, I use a coat of quick drying top coat. 
My favorite is Seche Vite.  But others are good too. 
Just make sure that it is quick drying. All told, 
I think that I can get a manicure done from start to finish,
including dry time in about 30 to 45 minutes.

SO! there you have the whole process. Let me just say, I'm not 
a professional. I'm not saying that you have to do any or all of 
this. I'm just sharing that this is the process and the products 
that work best for me.

After it is firm I use a serious moisturizer. Like coconut oil. 
This makes the cuticles look healthy and picture ready.
I hope this was helpful. Let me know what you like to 
use or if you have any favorite techniques.
 I would love to hear your secrets!

Whew! Done!
Now lets have tea!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monday's Manicure

Hello there!

Mint Candy Apple by Essie
Love this color.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A few of My Favs

Hey there friend! 
I thought that I would show you a few of my favorite 
items that I am currently using and loving. 

First up: The glass OPI nail file. 
(you knew at least one thing had to be nail related) 

What I love about it: 
Okay, now here is a weird thing. I like to file my nails 
BEFORE I take my polish off. I feel like I get a more square 
nail edge. I love that I can run it under HOT water and it is good as
new.  I love the quality of it. Not all glass files are the same. I got a 
generic one from Walgreens and it was lame. Seriously!
I also have an Essie glass nail file that I like a lot, but it's not
my fav.  Glass files are better for nails that tend to split or peel. 
If you want to try it out, you can get it on Amazon. 

My Second fav of the week is the Dollar Spot at Target. 
I love that you can get 8 sweet little cards for a buck! 
I mean really??? Beat that! 
I have set a goal this year to send out one hand written
note a month. A cute card can be motivating.  Right?

Finally my third Fav this week is my new NIV Devotional Bible.
I wasn't even in the market for a new bible, but I was in the aisle 
at Barnes and Noble and this truly called me. 
I mean look at that cover! It really looks beautiful on my desk at work. 
What I REALLY LOVE though is the daily devotions. 
So relateable! 
Hence the title: The Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women 

The readings are short but challenging. And you can achieve 
several different goals. If you just want a devotional everyday, it is 
great for that. But it is also a great way to read right thru the bible in 
366 days.  (not sure what the extra day is about) You can also read 
the devotions by subject or by author. 

I have to say that purchasing this and placing it on my desk has really
made my devotion time a breeze. I just get to work a little early and 
I start my work day well with a little help! 

Something else you should know:
No one pays me or sends me any free stuff.
These are just items that I bought and I'm 
happy with and thought I would share.


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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quips & Quotes

I'm trying... I'm trying!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monday's Manicure or Monday's Mash-Up???

Hey Friend! 
Glad you popped in. 

This week's mani is a Frankenstein or maybe even more of a Mash-up. 
I really am being good about not buying any new colors. So I hope 
you aren't disappointed in not seeing in new reviews. 
I'm just trying to be creative with what I have.

I think your going to be surprised at how many colors this really is!
GOSH! Love the shine in that top coat....

Okay! Here you go! 
Coney Island Cotton Candy - OPI on the forefinger, pinky and thumb
Glamour Purse - Essie on the ring finger and middle finger
All fingers got one top coat of As Gold As It Gets - Essie
and then one coat of Shine Of The Times - Essie

All topped off with a coat of SecheVite Fast Dry Top Coat.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

ROSES! Roses! Always with the Roses!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you'll recognize my little 
miniature roses from my shopping cart. 
I took a picture while I was in the grocery store.
Couldn't wait to share them because they were so fresh and pretty.

I do love me a rose and a cup of tea.

I'm not sure what it is that I love so much about 
roses really. 

I think that maybe it's just because make anything 
look fancy with out being pretentious.

I mean really.... how else could you bridge a little 
old brown crock pot
to a gorgeous antique Rosenthal teacup and desert plate. 


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