Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snow Balls In the Desert

Working on a fun little craft project.

Who doesn't like a project that you can finish in 
a single afternoon?

How about simple pom pom garland?
I am currently (like as I finish this post) working on one for the
entertainment unit. But I finished this one earlier this week and
thought I would share it with you.

 I got my inspiration from Miss Mustard Seed
Love her style.

The stars are from Target. The pom pom garland is
really the only different thing that I did this year. 

I do love it. 
Kinda looks like snow balls in the desert. 

The stars are a tiny bit glimmery, but still pretty primitive.

Same centerpiece.

Anyway... let me know if you make the little garland. 
Its totally fun and easy. 

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving my Friends!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Tale of Two Tables

It was the best of tables. 
It was the worst of tables......

Just teasing!

I thought that I would share my thanksgiving tables today.
Maybe it will inspire. As you can see, nothing formal. Just a 
little fun and fancy. 

We are having 10 for dinner. 
Sadly, we don't have a table for 10. 
So we will have to do 4 at one table and 
6 at the other.

It's not optimal, but it works.

This is the table for 4 (obvs). 
I used the buffalo check napkins that I got from 
the dollar spot at Target. I love them so much that
I bought enough for 16 plus pillows and tea towels.
Paired with the orange and brown they look so country.

This is the table for 6 (duh).
I wanted to do something totally different this year 
with the colors and I really like how it turned out.

Shades of amber, teal and beige.

There's those white pumpkins.

The centerpieces for both tables were purchased at Hobby Lobby.
All of the fall stuff was 80% off.
They are just simple silk flowers and stalks.

I filled in with the white pumpkins. 

Most everything is set. 
House is clean
Veggies are all prepped and chopped

Tomorrow I will put the turkey in at about 9:00
Then work on the rest

What's on the menu:

with stuffing and gravy
Cranberry sauce
Au Gratin potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Broccoli casserole
Corn Succotash (copy cat Cheesecake Factory recipe)
Dinner rolls

Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Oatmeal Pie
Cherry Pie

What's on your menu? 

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's A Nice Day For A White Pumpkin....

Good Morning Everyone! 
I know... what will you all think?! 
Two posts in one week?  

I just had something silly to share. 
I was at the grocery store and saw these sweet little white pumpkins. I walked by, and here is why.

I'm really to the point in my life that I just don't want to buy "stuff " anymore. 
 I'm almost fifty-four and have more than any three people can use up in one life time.  After remodeling our kitchen, I started a process of paring down what we have. But it is still too much. 

I really try to not buy what I don't need. The days of buying things for a blog post are over. I have decided that the blog is no longer going to be a possible means of income. It is just going to be what it was originally designed to be. An on line journal and log of whatever.  Meaning:  whatever I'm currently doing.  That might be decorating, remodeling, books, bible journaling, my faith, tablescapes, and/or crafting.

That being said, you won't see regular posts, or a general theme.  And, while I won't guarantee this,  you most likely won't see ads. (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with monitizing your blog) I probably won't be changing my blog to follow any trends that seem to run through the blog-us-phere.  Although, trust me, I am always tempted to chase that rabbit. There are so many beautiful blogs out there that I love. They all do a great job of capturing their audience and keeping them. But it is an endless job and I already have a job that I like. This blog is about my "fun" and my sharing it with you. Sounds totally selfish now that I read it. hmmm. 

Well, I hope you don't mind and I hope you'll keep checking in. 

Oh! and about the title ... 
I couldn't stop thinking about the cute pumpkins... So I went back to the floral department and got them. I know, your eyes are rolling.  Now, every time I walk by them I think of the old Billy Idol song "It's a nice day for a white pumpkin...."  I mean white wedding.

Okay, if your eyes weren't rolling before, they are now. 

Have a lovely fall weekend!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Workin' it out

Hey friends!
I'm up to no good and playing in the dishes again.
It's my favorite part of entertaining. 
I love having lots of time to plan and work it all out.

Today I'm trying different table settings for Thanksgiving. 
Somethings I know I will use, as we have enough for 12. 

The Blue Danube

The Threshold gold flat ware that I got from Target.
(so glad I picked these up)

And I'm love love Loving! The navy buffalo check napkins
that I got in the dollar spot at Target.

What I'm still playing with are the chargers and placemats.

The wood chargers look rustic. Don't you think?

Adding the orange napkins really brings warmth to the setting. 

I'm really liking this one.... But then ....

Who knows! 

It could end up totally different! 
I picked up some DARLING little white pumpkins..... hhmmm.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Gilded Life

Sunday afternoon I had the very fun privilege of attending a soft opening for 

design . education . events
located at 7756 E. Greenway Road in Scottsdale Arizona 

This place is amazing! A girly girl paradise.  

Baskets full...

Bowls full...

Jars full ...   of tiny ballerinas.

Antique cases full...  By the way, this case is almost as tall as me 5'7".



And more GLITTER!

Gifts for your friends.

Gifts for yourself!

A Gilded Life isn't just pretty.
 The ladies of A Gilded Life will be collaborating with 
a large, varied group of other talented people to provide fun classes and events

The Grand Opening is Saturday, October 15th. 

Don't miss it!