Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Gost and Mrs. Muir

I do love me an old movie now and then...
Have you ever seen this sweet movie? I watched it for the first time last week.

I loved it! It is a true cottage movie. If you can, catch it on TMC ... It will be letter box and you can see the whole picture.
Poor Mrs. Muir... She loved her cottage so much. If you have seen it, then you know that a cragy, old ghost of a sea captain fills her head with ideas about what else? A salty, old sea captain. So she writes a book about him and it becomes a smashing success. This is how she keeps her lovely sea side cottage. But other things go on, like life. So you will have to watch it and see.

I wonder if she would have a blog now a days?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm being Rushed!

Have you seen this around the web?

Won't you join us?

Well ... I'll let you in on a secret... There is a new Sorority.
Today is initiation into the Sisterhood. I just love that. I missed out on the whole sorority thing, so this is very fun to me.

It is open to all, you just have to follow a few simple rules. Click on the button above and see. Truly simple.

Now for Rush!

We are asked to do something creative with this is the cute sisterfriend image...

This is what I did with it. I made a digital scrapbook page.

This one I framed. If you like the the image, and want to use it, please feel free to take it.

But I still wanted to make something else.... After all I have been looking at all those creative spaces from the Where Bloggers Create Party for the last week. SO my inspiration was bubbling over. I needed a Mod Podge fix! So I pulled out all of my stuff (my craft room is now back to normal...he he he) and got to working.

It seemed to me, even though I have never been in a sorority, that everything has very deep meaning when you make stuff for your sister. (hmmm ... will we have bigs and littles???)

So I added my embellishments very thoughtfully...

*The key: Because dreaming big is the key to success!

*The Eiffel Tower: Because all sisters strive for their own self assured chic-ness. Just like the French!

*The Queen of Hearts: Because all Blogging Sisters take loving care of each other. Only leaving honestly encouraging words that edify not criticize.

*The Rose: Because each and everyone is just as beautiful as the other, but still unique in it's own way.

*The Bling: Because all sisters shine and because Some Days are Diamonds!

Thank you Karen! This is just the funnest thing ever! Please click the button above
or the link to go see the sisters!

Now for the very clever part...
I have to provide a picture of myself with my creation. You'll have to grant me a little grace here because I am very camera shy.

But just for my sisters...

Boop! There I am!

See you at the next chapter meeting.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II

Hello! I am so glad your here. I have to tell you that I took A LOT of pictures. So get a cup of coffee... Or plan on a second trip and come back again and look some more.

Okay... Those were the basic shots so that you can get an idea of the space. The pictures that follow are the details..... Lots of details!

My craft table... where I scrap book, sew and whatever...

My desk... where I pay bills and sometimes blog...

I love nooks and crannies...

Inspirational reading...

My painted desk....

and bench to match...

Do you love cigar boxes? I do... I love to use them for storage.

A place to stop and think... The skirt on my craft table and this chair are a
full size bed skirt that I bought at Good will.

Thank you for joining in on the tour. Midge says that she is always available for consultations. She only excepts payment in Skip Jack Tuna. (fancyfeast)
She is a great supervisor and motivator!

A big Thank You to Karen at My Desert Cottage for hosting this HUGE (and I mean HUGE) party. She put so much work into it. Make sure you zip over to her blog and take a gander at the long list of participants.

Have a great weekend!