Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Popping In To Say Hi!

I don't know about you... but every year ... just about this time... it feels like someone presses the fast forward button and the year just seems to spin out of control right into the next. AND every year I proclaim that this will not happen again... AND I WILL enjoy the holidays this year!

This year is not an exception to the rule. The only difference is that I have actually gotten a few things done to ease the rush.
I did get the tags done for my little jam jars. (this is the table top part)

These will make sweet little extra gifts for family and friends. If you want the recipe for the jam, click here. It really is pretty simple and fun too.

I'm almost done with my Christmas Cards! YAY!!!!

Nothing super fancy...

Just Sweet and Simple.

I just need some kind of sentiment for the inside.... Any suggestions?

Speaking of Sweet and Simple.....
Just a reminder.... I will be announcing the winner of the Sweet and Simple give away Friday October the 7th. Which just happens to coincide with our Fresh Cut Friday post. It's not to late to sign up for that. Leave me a comment and also if you are a follower or become a follower let me know.(click on the give away image or here to enter the give away) I hope that you will stop by share any pretty flowers or arrangements that you have, but if not come by and see some gorgeous vignettes. The linky tool will be up Thursday night (6th) and stay open for the whole weekend.

I have also been at the sewing machine... I'll be sharing some of those projects soon too.

Have a great day!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

A couple of weeks ago I saw these gorgeous hydrangea at Safeway and had to pick them up. They reminded me of a special day in September that happened 7 years ago today. Our flowers were blue hydrangea and white roses. I still look at our wedding photos and think what a perfect choice for our simple exchange of vows.
This evening we will celebrate with a fabulous dinner and toast to another year. My husband is not a perfect man. I am not a perfect woman. But God decided that we were perfect for each other. I thank HIM everyday for the man that I get the honor of calling my Best Friend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nook Cover

Is it a wallet?

Is it a clutch?

NOPE! It's my homemade, custom, nook (e-reader) cover.

Like it?

I think it turned out cute...

Sweet Daughter wants one....
I'll show it to you when I get it done!

I'm joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.


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Don't forget the Giveaway. Click here to sign up!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Croque Monsieur

It was supposed to be rainy and under 100 degrees today...

What did we get? More sunshine and 99 degrees!

sigh... Oh well! It is still September.

On the Rainy Day Menu:

A croque-monsieur (or grilled ham and swiss cheese with Dijon mustard) Tomato & Basil Bisque Soup (Safeway select)

Wikipedia says:

A croque-monsieur is a hot ham and cheese grilled sandwich. It originated in France as a fast-food snack served in cafés and bars. More elaborate versions come coated in a Mornay or Bechamel sauce.

The name is based on the verb croquer ("to crunch") and the word monsieur ("mister")—the reason behind the combination of the two words is unclear—and is colloquially shortened to croque. While the origins of the croque-monsieur are unknown, there are many speculations on how it was first created. The croque-monsieur's first recorded appearance on a
Parisian café menu was in 1910.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweet and Simple Giveaway!

I have not had a giveaway in more than a year! Can you believe it?
Well! When it's time ...
It's time!

Just leave a comment. That's it!
If you feel like it ... become a follower and let me know.
If you are already a follower let me know.
That'll get you in twice!

Four vintage-esk Tea Towels

A sweet little cook book from Gooseberry Patch. With all of those sweet illustrations that I LOVE! Sometimes I think that I buy these books just because they are so cute!

Here is an image if you want to let folks know about the giveaway. I would appreciate it so much. I'll even put your name in the drawing again!


I just wanted to say that I appreciate you all so much. All of the kind comments that encourage me. Letting me share my little projects, attempts at photography and book reviews . The wonderful friends that I have made not just on line (Melissa, Lisa ) .... but in real life (CeeKay, Marty, Jamie, Laura... and so many more)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Good Weekend!

It was a great weekend! We got to spend some time with Sweet Daughter AND her Handsome and Charming, Special, Someone! There was food, there was fun and of course shopping.
Sweet Daughter got new riding boots, which are to die for!

SO! I got my old boots out, oiled and readied for them for the coming boot days.

Next week it SHOULD be around 97 degrees.
Why, for us, that's practically autumnal!
(isn't that a great word?) So the end of the worst weather is near.

What puts you in the mood for Fall?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fresh-Cut Friday #13 Flower of the Month...Asters

Hi everyone!
Are you ready for September's Flower of the Month?
It is the Aster.

With over 180 varieties, the Aster is one of the cutest and hardiest of the fall flowers. Aster is actually a Greek word and means star (referring to the star shaped flower head). In ancient times burning the leaves was thought to ward off evil serpents. In more modern times the Aster is known as a symbol for Love, Patience, Daintiness, and Elegance. Also it is the chosen flower for the 20th wedding anniversary.

Special Delivery!
A whole truck load ... just for you!

A sweet little seed packet image that I wanted to share with everyone.

Just a few of the many colors of the Aster.

Okay! I can't wait to see your pretty flowers.

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