Sunday, September 30, 2012

~Romantic Home Magazine

 Hi Peeps, 
Kindred Spirits, Lovelies and Fellow Hopeless Romantics! 

 I'm so glad that you are joining me today. 
But really, who are we kidding? 
I love it anytime you pop in for a cup coffee and a sweet hello.
 Your cup and comfy chair are always waiting for you.

Shall we have a cup of coffee and enjoy the blue hour together? 
Just in case you are not aware...the blue hour is that time of day in photography that every thing that you photograph has a blue cast.

 Those are some really sweet little miniature roses. 
You may ask... "What? Is it Fresh-Cut Friday already?"  
No, my sweet posies. It is not.  
So what's up with the fresh flowers?

Well... I guess I just felt a little like celebrating. 
Wait a minute! Is that the November issue of Romantic Homes?

Now, you may ask, 
"Why are you showing us the 2012 Christmas 
issue of Romantic Homes?
 We are right in the middle of orange and gold, 
punkins and black crows, scarecrows and goblins!"

Well, my friends, I have to be honest. This is a special issue to me. THE special issue. 
I just got it in the mail and I had to share it with you.
You see... you will find my little blog featured in 
the We Love Site Seeing article titled Digital Vision. 

 That's right. That's me in my favorite magazine.

To say that I am grateful and honored would be such an understatement. 
Its more like a dream come true for me.  
Like Birthday and Christmas combined.
Thank you, most kindly, to Beth Livesay at 
If I could hug you, I would. 

And a big THANK YOU to you.
Each of you that come by and check in. 
Come by and just say "Hi". 
Or compliment me on my little projects and my photos.

Your encouragement has made all the difference. 


I'll be linking to these fun parties: 

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Year On Ladybug Farm : Lit-n-Latte Book Review

From the back of the book: 

Their husbands were gone, their families were grown, and the future stretched out before them like an unfulfilled promise...
Tired of always dreaming and never doing, Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget make a life-altering decision. Uprooting themselves from their comfortable lives in the suburbs, the three friends buy a run-down mansion, nestled in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley. They christen their new home "Ladybug Farm," hoping that the name will bring them luck.
As the friends take on a home improvement challenge of epic proportions, they encounter disaster after disaster, from renegade sheep and garden thieves to a seemingly ghostly inhabitant. Over the course of a year, overwhelming obstacles make the three women question their decision, but they ultimately learn that sometimes the best things can happen when everything goes wrong...

My Thoughts and Opinions:

This was such a fun light read. If you want something that will make you laugh through tears... read THIS book.  Will it change the world? No. Will it change your mind about your religion or politics? No and No!  But you will relate, sigh and role your eyes. 

Everyone in our little book club loved this story!

I'll be joining Ricki Jill for Literary Friday at Art @Home

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chemex & Coffee Love!

 Hello my little Happy Harvest Queens!

Are your homes ready for Fall? 
We aren't doing to much ... 
a wreath here, a fresh bouquet there...
Like I said not to much.

 One thing that I love about fall are the cooler temps. and the temptation to drink coffee all day long. 
Truthfully, I really try not to drink it all day. We have been really good about just having 2 or even 3 cups in the morning and then that's it.  In order to encourage and continued that behavior, I moved the big, beautiful, 12 cup, Cuisinart out and moved the little, 8 cup, Farberware percolator in.  We love it. It makes a great, quick pot of coffee for the workday morning. Hubs and I agree that percolated coffee is much better than the automatic drip.

For guests or even just Saturday mornings I prefer the Chemex. Pronounced  kim-ex, it looks European but it was invented and designed by a German Chemist here in America. The design has never changed and is still made here in the US.

 I have tried all kinds of different coffee makers but this is my favorite. Even better than the highly overrated (in my opinion) French Press. If you would like to get one, I got mine here
Husband thinks it takes to long, but I think it is worth it.

I use my regular coffee and follow these directions.
A beautiful, clean (no sediment at the bottom) cup of coffee!


Monday, September 17, 2012

I Still Pick you!

Happy Anniversary! 

I still love you more everyday, and everyday you are my hero. 
We have had some really hard things in the last few years... 
and there will be more. 
We have been blessed beyond measure with joy and fun... 
and there will be more. 
We are closer today than we were in the beginning... 
and yes, we will be closer still. 
You are my very best friend and the love of my life. 
You are my best critic.
My biggest fan.  
My partner.
My soul mate. 
The love of my live.
I thank God everyday that he knew best when he chose you for me. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fresh-Cut-Friday #26

 Welcome to Fresh-Cut-Friday

 It is the first Friday of September and 
that means it's time for fresh flowers! 

The September flower of the month is either the Aster or the Morning Glory, neither of which I could find at my local florist. Bummer!  I hope you all had better luck than I did.

 I did find these sweet little shaggy Spider Mums though. 

 A perfect transitional choice for the end of the summer.

Okay. That's that! 
Let's see your pretty arrangements. 
Make sure your posts include a link back to this party. 
And visit each other. 
Everyone loves a visit and a comment.

I'll be joining Honey at 2805 for Potpourri Friday
Sherry at the Charm of Home for Home Sweet Home 
Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday

Thank you so much for participating!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and my last day of vacation.... BOOOOO! 
But it was a fabulous long weekend. 

 I started a new project. If you want the details you can find them by clicking on the Ravelry button on my side bar. 
I actually learned how to do this stitch 
by watching this You Tube Video. I love her voice. 
Anyway it is a very simple stitch. 

 I also made a coffee cake. 
You'll find the recipe here.... very complicated.


Hubs and I had a date day. We went to breakfast here
Delicious Eggs Benedict.  
 Wonderful Coffee too!
We also went to the book store and to the movies. What made it even better?  ..... Most of the day was free. 
I love gift cards!  

So what will I be doing this last day off? 
Probably working some more on this. 

And have another cup of this.  
I hope you have wonderful week!
Don't forget this Friday is Fresh-Cut- Friday. 
I hope you'll join in.

Ok, bye now.