Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chemex & Coffee Love!

 Hello my little Happy Harvest Queens!

Are your homes ready for Fall? 
We aren't doing to much ... 
a wreath here, a fresh bouquet there...
Like I said not to much.

 One thing that I love about fall are the cooler temps. and the temptation to drink coffee all day long. 
Truthfully, I really try not to drink it all day. We have been really good about just having 2 or even 3 cups in the morning and then that's it.  In order to encourage and continued that behavior, I moved the big, beautiful, 12 cup, Cuisinart out and moved the little, 8 cup, Farberware percolator in.  We love it. It makes a great, quick pot of coffee for the workday morning. Hubs and I agree that percolated coffee is much better than the automatic drip.

For guests or even just Saturday mornings I prefer the Chemex. Pronounced  kim-ex, it looks European but it was invented and designed by a German Chemist here in America. The design has never changed and is still made here in the US.

 I have tried all kinds of different coffee makers but this is my favorite. Even better than the highly overrated (in my opinion) French Press. If you would like to get one, I got mine here
Husband thinks it takes to long, but I think it is worth it.

I use my regular coffee and follow these directions.
A beautiful, clean (no sediment at the bottom) cup of coffee!



Mimi said...

I have not started decorating for fall yet...I am planning on doing that this thursday!!!May do Halloween/fall decor...have not make up my mind yet!!!
I love your coffee tutorial...I am not that big of a fine coffee fan...just give me a CUP!!!!
But I do think restaurant coffee tastes better then mine...so there is truth to a great cup of coffee!!!

Tales of Whimsy said...

We use a pour over. Sometimes it's the simplest old fashioned items that make the best food and drinks isn't it? :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh you coffee lover you! It looks interesting...but I will stick to my tea!!

Pamela Gordon said...

Your coffee corner looks so pretty with the coffee cups set out and waiting alongside the coffee perk. I'm not a coffee drinker as I prefer tea. I remember our coffee perk at home for Sunday brunch. Love the smell! Happy Fall. Pamela

Blondie's Journal said...

I love your little coffee station! Everything at your fingertips. I drink WAY too much coffee...a pot in the morning and another in the afternoon. Surprisingly, I have no problem sleeping! ;-D


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Liz, every corner of your home is gorgeous! And I agree with you, French Presses make such delicious coffee.

On to my third cup of coffee!
You are welcome here anytime for a cup of Joe!


PS: update posts soon..still working on the laundry room..beaded board goes up today.


Melissa said...

I wish I missed coffee but I don't - I stopped when C was born and it never tasted good again.

The Chemex is a new one to me...I wonder if it would be worth getting for my Dad.

Anonymous said...

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