Sunday, July 8, 2012

Its The End of Vacation!

Hi Ya! 

Thank you everyone for joining in for Fresh-Cut-Friday. You all really out did yourselves! I really do love seeing all the pretty pictures of your gardens and arrangements. Thank you so much for sharing them here!

I'm sad to report that my little mini vacation is over. I had so many plans to get so much done and man! It just didn't happen.  I did do some antiquing. Brass Armadillo had a 15% percent off of everything sale... I actually got some great stuff that I'll be showing you in a later post. 

I helped a friend paint her kitchen a gorgeous shade of light, mustard, yellow.  It turned out to be a lovely color, especially with her black toile. Very French! That was fun and motivating to. Makes me want to get some stuff done around here. 

I also got all the basic granny squares done for daughter's afghan. 
All 70 of them! Thank you very much!
Hubs said... "eh... yer really rackin' up a body count there... " 
So I put his brilliant gift of observation to good use.
He actually helped me pick out the border colors. He has a good eye for that kind of thing.  
It really is going to be darling!
I love, love, LOVE the colors!

So now I just have to do the borders on each one and then whip them together. And finally do a border on the whole thing. This has been a really fun project. I'm kind of excited to see it finished.

Anyway... I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday evening and have a wonderful week!


Heirloom treasures said...

Love those colours. Your daughter will love that finished rug. My daughter has just started one. She has never crocheted before and she's on her first square. I think it will take a while. x

Mami Made It said...

Your granny squares are beautiful and I am curious to see the blanket when done.

Michele said...


Your aghgan is going to be amazing - all the pretty colour, what an awesome crafting project for her - she is going to LOVE it!!

Melissa said...

You are right, the colors are lovely - very happy!!

Pamela Gordon said...

What gorgeous colours! I hope you show us the finished project. A lot of work and love have gone into it.