Saturday, July 2, 2016

A break in the weather...

Are you surviving the summer? I hope so! We are and doing well. 
Here in Phoenix we are experiencing unusually cool weather.  In the 100 degree range. Unfortunately, that is accompanied by very high humidity and means that we are officially in our "monsoon" season. Typically, lots of dry storms. But we have actually had rain this year. 
Its been lovely! 

I'm a little light on the blogging inspiration of late. I apologize. 
I'm going to try and do better. Its funny how interests ebb and flow. You will probably be seeing more posts on bible journaling and just plain old everyday life. 

I was looking at our family room and debating sharing it with you. 
I have rarely shared it because it just does not lend itself to nice pictures. 
There are huge windows, lots of white, and a lot of very dark furniture. 
It works and we like it, but like I said, it is hard to capture the true feel of the
room. Plus, we do not live in a stylized home. We live in a very modest comfortable
track house. I try to bring as much personalty and warmth as I can, but still, it is what it is. 
We really do live here. The furniture is comfy, not pristine and usually, there are projects going on. Pile of work papers here, an open computer there... like I said real life. 

That said: Here is a panoramic view toward the kitchen. The west side of the room.
The white bar stools have recently been replaced with two of these.

This (below) is the east side. I plan on changing out the red "faith, family and friends" sign.  I will probably paint it black with the same words in white. 
The "pony wall" is an on going debate. I would like to install a large built in cabinet that would be for storing table linens, with a coffee bar / beverage area for entertaining.
We'll see if I ever pull the trigger on that.  

The back wall. North end of the room.
This little sofa was recently replaced with a full size sofa, that we love. 

I'm still trying so hard to be a green thumb. Shortly after taking this picture this little succulent took a turn for the worse. (bummer) It's still alive, but not looking this good any more. :( 

I am more is better girl and I have a hard time getting rid of family heirlooms. 
So you will see lots of old pictures of family that is gone on. 
This picture is my dad and Aunt Becky playing on the back porch
in the summer time. 
My grandmother took the picture, and yes, my aunt is sticking her tongue out at her.

Simple, old fashion, summer fun! 

What are you doing to stay cool? 


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I love your home, full of tons of love and memories. Nothing Better. We are staying cool in our little pool, how are you doing?

Decor To Adore said...

Li your home is so welcoming and you create the best vignettes! Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Hey there - email me a picture of the plant so I can help you save it.