Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday's Manicure

Hi Ya!

This week's mani is brought to you by 
OPI'S DS Classic

Okay, so after wearing this for several days, 
I have to ask myself, why do I ever wear anything but OPI nail polish? 
I love the way 2 coats gives you a great finish.

Love the sparkle!
Not sure if the camera catches it... Can you see it?

One other item.... A couple of ladies have asked me 
how do I store all my nail products and tools? 

Here it is.... this is a craft box that I bought at The Container Store.
As you can see ... it keeps everything nice and neat. 
Next week I'll show you where and how I store my polish.


Debby Ray said...

You have such lovely nails! I just can't keep a good manicure but have just recently gotten acquanited with the Jam Berry nails through a party at my church. These are fun and really last a long time! Thank you for being my newest follower :) Have a great Tuesday!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

You have the most amazing nails. Mine grow, but then they start bending down or twisting strangely. Do you think it's a deficiency?

Love Of Quilts said...

I like this color its close to my favorite...or what I have now.

Linda said...