Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fresh Cut Friday January 2014

Well, hello my lovelies! 
That was the first time this year that I have typed 2014. :) 
That makes the new year official, for me anyway. 

Welcome to the first Fresh-Cut Friday of 2014. 

It's going to be a great year! 
Let's get started shall we? 

 I know that I mentioned in the December's FCF that I really love evergreens and roses, but 
just to prove it, I'm going to share it again. 
Pairing the light pink with the dark, green, feathery evergreens makes an undeniable 
winter bouquet. 

These are the same evergreens that I used for the December's arrangement!
That means that they lasted for 4 weeks! I finally gave then up the day after Christmas. 

These fresh cut beauties are a bonus from my good friend Susie. 
She brought them the night of our book club Christmas party. 

How gorgeous are those?!

Ok! Now I have to see what you are sharing! I can't wait.

Remember: Please provide a link back to this post and make sure you visit each other.

I'll be joining:


Ricki Treleaven said...

How pretty, Liz! I love the Christmas greens with the roses and your silver. So elegant and pretty!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for hosting!



Beautiful Liz! Lovely silver and roses, how romantic it is! I haven't got any fresh cut for this Friday, but here to wish you a wonderful and blessed 2014 and to thank you for your support in 2013 and looking forward to more fun in 2014!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Hello Liz. Happy New Year. Beautiful post. Thank you for visiting me and leaving me your sweet words and for inviting me to your lovely party. Looking forward to all the great creations in 2014.

Stacy said...

The combination of roses and evergreens is beautiful!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Hi Liz! Your arrangement is stunning. I love fresh greens and roses together. :)

Thanks for the invite to link up today. I added a few other recent posts that seemed like they might be appropriate. I might have missed the premise of this link feel free to advise me. ;)

Wishing you an Extraordinary New Year!!!

Calista said...

Beautiful arrangement! I almost always have a bouquet of fresh flowers in my kitchen. Not usually fancy, but the flowers make me smile. I found you through the Imparting Grace link party.

Poppy said...

Happy New Year, Liz!

Beautiful seasonal bouquets! The pairing of evergreens and roses is refreshingly radiant!

Thanks so much for hosting and have a lovely weekend!


Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I wish I had a picture of my pretty roses to share.
Really they are a little droopy LOL
All roses are just beautiful. I just stopped to say Hi and Happy New Year

Stacey said...

Your roses are so pretty! My flowers are from the grocery store. :)

Lisa said...

Love the pink against the silver! Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Oh my Liz, your flower arrangements are breathtaking! It's always a pleasure to see your arrangements :) Happy New Year to you!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Wow. I love it. Now I want evergreens and roses.

Haworth said...

What lovely flowers you had for Christmas, Liz! My favorite combination for winter is holly and white tulips. Wishing you a lovely New Year!