Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All's Quiet ....

Hello My Friends!
I hope you are all having a wonderful new year.
It is busy here but not the kind of busy that is worth reporting on. 

Here's the run down.

Finished the Book Thief ... 

Oh my gosh! 
Loved it!!!
Saw the movie too.... loved it, but not as much.

Currently reading Orphan Train ...

 Almost finished, and I will be sad when I'm done! 
I have really enjoyed it.

 * * * * * *

Finished Project...

I am pretty tickled with how this little baby blanket turned out.
I finished it in December.

I finally got to have lunch with my friend and pass this along for her sweet baby boy.

I think it was appreciated.
I hope so anyway.   :)

* * * * * *

On hold for now...

The blue gingham afghan is on hold for now. I'm still working on it but I decided to 
stop for now so that I can work on another little baby blanket. 

I'm still looking forward to seeing the squares come together. 

* * * * * *

What I am currently working on is a baby blanket for 
my friend's daughter. 
She is going to be having a little boy as well. 
This is her bedding... cute! huh? 

I love doing baby blankets. Mostly because they move along
pretty quickly, but also the colors are usually very fun.

I'll keep you posted! 
If you ever want any of the dtails on my crochet projects, you can 
find them by clicking on my Raverly button.

ALSO: Working on planning a wedding for sweet daughter.

What about you? 
Are staying busy?


Tales of Whimsy said...

That's precious! Things are quiet here too. Taking it easy to start off the year.

I'm reading and LOVING Dear Mr. Knightley. You must check it out.

Lisa said...

Sweet baby blanket! I'm sure she loved it! How are the wedding plans coming? I know you're having fun with that.;)

Stacey said...

I saw The Book Thief at the movies and knew that the book would probably be awesome. Should I go back and read the book?

Haworth said...

What wonderful projects, Liz! The gingham squares are so beautiful. I can't wait to see how they come together. And the finished blanket for the baby boy is so pretty. I was given the book thief recently and am looking forward to reading it. I've heard only good things! Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Marcia said...

I read Book Thief several years ago. I should see the movie I guess. Have read Orphan Train too. You
re the only one I've seen mention that you've read it. Quite a story and based on real events in our history. Tonight at Book Club we are talking about The Last Chinese Chef. Heard of it?

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Liz,
I must be the only person who could not get into The Book Thief, but your enthusiasm has insured me to try again! Sometimes I just need to be in the proper mindset. I am working on my daughter's wedding too! Things have changed so much since I was married 33 years ago. It is exciting! We are looking at a date about a year from now. I hope you share some of your experiences as mother of the bride. I need advice!