Sunday, July 6, 2008

How we spent the 4th

I love the 4th of July! Unfortunately, being in AZ, it is the worst time of year for parades and summer entertaining. Unless of course you have a pool... which we do not. But I decided that we would make it special and honor the holiday ... indoors.

The plan was a nice dinner, then fireworks, then homemade ice cream and a patriotic movie.

Well, the dinner was just fine. Simple. Really simple! Fried Chicken, Green Salad and dinner rolls. I didn't focus on the food so much as making the gathering special. No one likes to eat a lot when it is so hot anyway. Like 340 degrees... just kidding only 113.

I made the table topper and just poked the flags in my regular, old, country, center piece. My blue and white dishes lend themselves very easily to a patriotic theme. I found some sparkling star glitter and wrapped that around the whole thing. Cute! Huh?

I'm sad to say that the local country club that usually provides our fireworks display didn't come through for us this year. So the only fireworks we got we VERY far away. But we had the home made ice cream (strawberry) and my cute little box mix confetti cupcakes. Not exactly an all American 4th. But, hey! We try! And Besides that, isn't really about honoring our country and the things we stand for. Thank you to all those who serve and sacrifice!


TR Hockamier said...

I liked this one - the pics are much better and I am glad we have this for some memories to go in the scrapbook...

Janna said...

Aww, great picture of the cupcake on the plate... very patriotic!