Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fun Book Club Party Idea

Hello My Friends!

Happy New Year!

There! I acknowledge right up front that I know that Christmas has past. 
Ugh! Honestly, I miss it already. 

But! At any rate, I was able to host a very fun little 
soirée for my Lit-N-Latte Girls and I wanted to show the pictures off. 

So here they are!

Truly this theme could very easily translate into a January/Winter theme.

I always purchase all the books for the year. Sorry, but we love the covers and actually holding the book.  Many of the ladies use e-readers but any true book lover still loves the feel of a book in the hand and the turn of a page.

So with that in mind, it certainly helps to come up with a centerpiece.  The only thing that I added was my Father-in-Law's old typewriter, Christmas teacups and some vintage Christmas post cards.

It is also very easy to use your party favors. I gave each gal a Starbucks ornament.

We usually go pot luck, but I also supplied a hot cocoa bar.

This year I included a the White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix from the Safeway Select line.
You guys! I'm telling you! Short of making real cocoa in a double boiler... 
it just doesn't get any better. 
It is the best mix I have ever tried. I offered both the white and regular cocoa.

The party was a success.
We chatted about favorite reads this year, favorite of all time reads, books that are coming out this year,
books that are coming out in movies this year, must see movies and many, many other classic bookworm topics. (we all wear glasses)

I hope you had a lovely Holiday Season!
I can't believe how fast it went.

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