Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter At Our House....

I hope you all had a BLESSED Easter. Don't forget the reason that we celebrate!

I thought that I would share our Easter tables from yesterday. 
It was such a lovely time! 

Here's the Menu

3 Herb Skillet Chicken (with wine sauce)
  Roasted Asparagus  (with Hollandaise sauce)
Au Gratin Potatoes  (provided by MIL, thank you very much)
Fresh Berries  (provided by daughter, thank you very much)
Rolls  (also provided by daughter, thank you very much)

Home made Cherry Pie and Pecan Pie (provided my my Mom, thank you very much)
your choice of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream

Not your typical "Easter Feast" but spring-ee none the less. 

I broke down and bought this gold colored flatware.  I really 
did hem and haw about it, but now I'm glad I did the dirty deed. 
It was an unexpected change in how I usually do my tables. 
And even though it is more modern than I prefer, the gold added a warmth to the table.
I'm glad I gave in to my (dare I say it?)  impulse!  (gulp)

If you see any thing you would like to pick up I will list the 
description and sources here for you. 

Blue water goblets : Walmart  (a million years ago)
Wicker Chargers: World Market years ago, but surprisingly, they still carry them.
Wood Chargers: in a resale shop years ago (World Market has some that are similar now)
Linen Napkins and Tablecloths: Home Goods (years ago) 
Gold Flatware: Target (currently in stock)

We had eight for dinner. This causes a problem for me because 
I don't have a table that seats more than six. 

So rather than putting 6 at one table and 2 at the other, I did 4 and 4. 
I tell myself that this is a more intimate setting and that the conversation 
can go deeper.  (...whatever)  :P

I kept the tables similar so that everyone would feel like they were
at the same party. No jarring differences. 
It worked. I was eaves dropping and I heard some pretty intense conversations 
going on at the table behind me. 

Anyway! The point is that we make do with what we have. 
And it was lovely! 
I have a wonderful family that appreciates the 
effort that a big holiday dinner takes. And I'm so grateful!

Here is the front room... 
I just realized that I rarely photograph the family room (the one behind this one) 
I think that it's because I can never take  decent photograph of it. (bleh) 

.... anyway!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! 
As my Mother-in-Law always says.. " Remember, Number One!" 


Stacey said...

Hi Liz. Yes we did have a wonderful Easter with family and friends.

Your house looks great! I love the little Easter vignette with the bunny and flowers. ;)

Lisa said...

Aaah...Your blue and white looks so lovely on your table! And I love those goblets and the wicker charger! Beautiful.
So glad you had a great Easter.:-)

Elizabeth said...

Your table is lovely and your menu sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

HI Liz! Everything looks so pretty. Your table looks beautiful and I love your blue chairs too. I pinned the snap of your living room - I just love it and the colors you've used. HOpe you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)