Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lit-N-Latte Book Club Reads ...

The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's time for a Quick Book Review of

This was a very enjoyable read. It was a little challenging, but worth it. I would totally recommend it to anyone that loves to read about the roaring 20's and the post World War I era.

I loved the themes and I think (in my humble opinion) that the author has a very rich gift for writing. Some of his descriptions read just like prose. You have to go back and read them again to catch all of the symmetry and irony. He paints a beautiful picture of a life that was unattainable other than by the chance of birth. He explains clearly what happens to those who dare attempt to climb this social ladder and the true lack of depth some in this level of social class had. No wonder it was a short lived time in our history.

There is a strong balancing act regarding what is honest and descent as opposed to what is acceptable.

My favorite character, Nick Carraway, plays the unassuming and never judging narrator of the story. His middle class upbringing makes him the perfect mediator between New Rich and Old Rich.

Jay Gatsby (again in my humble opinion) has to be one of the most romantic characters in all of American Literature. A truely hopeless romantic. Completely blinded to Daisy's flaws and wishing his life away trying to recreate a past that can never be.

Daisy the beautiful shell. Hallow, empty, and totally lacking strength of character. Using Gatsby to attain revenge on her "hulk" of a husband Tom for having sordid affairs and flaunting them thoughtlessly in front of her.

Some of the strong themes in this novel are Honesty, Violence, God, Moral Decay and the End of The American Dream.

I hope that if you haven't read this classic that you will before the remake of the movie comes out. There is so much to love here.

Our next book will be:

Traveling Mercies

by Anne Lamott


Tales of Whimsy said...

Like I was saying the other day, I really do look forward to listening to my audio. Great review :)

Melissa said...

It is on my reread list because the last time I read it was in high school. I've read The Tale of Benjamin Button on my own and my book club read Tender is the Night so I am up on Fitzgerald's style which should make it an easy read.

The Old Parsonage said...

We had to read this in High School. I remember it well. There's also a Robert Redford movie out there of the book.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Decor To Adore said...

Love the Great Gatsby. Can't wait to see the new film.

Glory to God in the highest my friend! God has answered a portion of our prayers.

Alyssa and I will be seeing all of our dear friends tomorrow.

See you soon. XO