Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

If you have been anywhere in blog land you have probably seen these darling little punkins'.
AND I know that there are other tutorial's too. I thought I would show you my little project just in case you haven't seen them. Our ladies bible study made them a couple of nights ago and I just thought that they were so darn cute! Plus they are CHEAP!

Here's what you need:
3) circles of fabric
a bag of beans (probably a 5lb bag would be enough)
some stems from your old pumpkins
some leftover silk leaves
some floral stems
needle and thread
fabric glue

(mine are 10" 12" and 16")

You can get this in the silk floral area of your craft store.

Stitch a fast running stitch all the way around the circle.
Don't fret with this to much. It won't matter.
Gather and fill with beans. Tie the loose ends together.
Stitch the top closed ... nice and tight.
Using your fabric glue, attach your stem and leaf. I put a rubber band around the whole thing to hold it in place until it dried. I also took my wire stem and wrapped it around a pencil to create a little tendril. I then stuck it in the top of the pumpkins (2 each).

Thank you to the creative and crafty ladies of North Phoenix Baptist Church
Women's Bible Study for this fun little project.


Sonya said...

Linda ideia! E as suas aboboras ficaram fantásticas!Seu blog é maravilhoso! Sou sua seguidora e acho as suas artes inspiradoras.
Querida tenha uma noite abençoada.

Lisa said...

So cute, Liz! I love the fabric that you used! Can you believe I bought 0 pumpkins this year? Next year.:) And I'll be sure and save the stems!

Unknown said...

I'm saving this tutorial for sure..next year I shall be ready to tackle all pumpkin idea's...
I love these..the fabric is so perfect!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Wow. I love this!

Createology said...

Thank you for sharing these amazing pumpkin how tos. Happy Thanksgiving Blessings...

Heirloom treasures said...

They are soooo cute,what a lovely way to use up fabric scraps. x j

Melissa said...

Very cute - I love the fabric you chose...

Kit said...

These are great! Great instructions too. Thanks! Kit