Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank You!

Just popping in to say "hi"!
It was a busy weekend here.
We got all of the windows done. Inside and out! Whew, what a job!
And we aren't supposed to have rain for the next 10 days.
So they should stay nice for a while. YAY!

Thank you to everyone that participated in Fresh-Cut Friday.
I hope you will join us next time. November 4th we will feature
the Flower of the Month ... which is the Mum. Of course, as always, you
don't have to post about Mum's... just any pretty flowers from your
home or garden. I have always been a Spring flower person... But I am really
loving the Fall flowers this year.

Make the most of your week!


Karen said...

Love your what appears to me to be a transferware cup and saucer. How nice.. new windows! Good for y'all.
Have a great week!
Ladybug Creek

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oooh, do you guys hire out? We just about give up on the windows...they are either dusty and blotted with water from the hose!

Heirloom treasures said...

Such a nice teacup, I really like that pattern. LOve the antique fob watch too.

Windows, hmmm, they are an ongoing chore. By the time we get to the last one they need doing again. like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. LOL Have a nice day xxx

Caty said...


Mami Made It said...

I am more a fall type. Love the flowers and colors and the warmth in the air.
Have a nice week!