Thursday, June 18, 2009

Truck A Love Story

By Michael Perry
I hated this book! Then I liked it. Then I was disappointed.

This is largely a year long journal for a late 30's something bachelor who has moved back to his small home town. He takes us through the process of restoring his beloved vintage truck and his frustration of failed gardening. Intertwined is the introduction of his new love and eventually his wife. Sounds like it has all the right ingredients, Right? I thought so too.

Before I launch into all the reasons that I didn't like it, I first wanted to tell you that I really think that his style of writing is poetic. He has a wonderful, rich use of metaphors and similes that in some cases had me laughing out loud (which I never do when reading) and at times touched me to tears and warmed my heart. The guy can write!

What I didn't like.... Don't worry. I'll keep it short. It was a slooooooow start and I don't like being lectured about political views that I don't agree with. That was the disappointing part.

Next book.... Gone With The Wind!


Lisa said...

Well , I know not to pick this up at the bookstore! Thanks for the heads- up.:)

Lisa said...

Huh! Good to know!
Hugs, Lisa

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hiya Liz! Just trying to catch up here!

Boy, you sure are gettin' fancy with your pretty pictures. I think your banner is new since I visited last as well. Beautiful!

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. I could really go for some cake right now!

Bummer about the political stuff in the Truck book, the rest sounded so great!
I assume you've read GWTW before? Or no? I'm anxious to see your review.

I'm dying to make some beer bread in the sweet yellow loaf pan you sent. I have to wait till after the 27th!

The perfume bottles were so pretty, I want to sniff/try that Laugh. I may have commented on that post already? I can't remember. There are so many times I've started to comment and my pc crashes... or I think of comments to make and can't remember if I actually did them or not.
Yah, I'm losing my mind, lol....