Monday, April 27, 2009

Bob Barr

I have to share this because it is just plan neat! (and I have the ok from Sweet Daughter)

A couple of months ago Sweet Daughter actually got to meet Bob Barr. Who is Bob Barr? He was the Libertarian Presidential Candidate in '08. Now, I have to throw in my disclaimer here. I did not vote the Libertarian ticket and I have no intention of going all political on my blog. I'll just leave it at that. : ) If you look around my blog a little you can quickly make the judgment call that I am a pretty stereotypical conservative. However, Sweet Daughter is a Political Science and Journalism major so she saw this as a golden opportunity.

He was only appearing to speak on the advantages of networking through your fraternity and was not appearing as any kind of political candidate. After he spoke she went right up to him, introduced herself and just started asking him all kinds of questions. Even ..... "will you run again?" He stated that he didn't know, but that the campaign had personally cost him a lot. She said that he probably gave her about 20 minutes of his time.

Over all, she said that he seemed very real and approachable. Even somewhat surprised that she was so interested. Very unassuming! She was the only person there that was asking him about his campaign. I think that she would say that she was impressed.

On another note... Did I hear correctly that there are already rumors of a couple of candidates starting their run for 2012?!
I can't take it. Give us a break!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your daughter is a very pretty young lady.

Danette said...

"Give us a break" is right!!!
Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!
How fun for her to talk to someone so interesting. Sounds like a heavy major she has. She must have a lot of smarts to go with all those pretty looks!

Lisa said...

I love smart, beautiful girls!

Lois Christensen said...

How wonderful that a young person is so interested in the state of our country! She is very pretty and I'm sure will go very far in life!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

She is gorgeous!!!!!!! You must be so proud of her - smart and beautiful!!!!

I hear ya about the political garb. This is why I don't watch TV anymore.......


Rue said...

What a beautiful and intelligent daughter you have Liz! Sounds like an interesting conversation.


the wild raspberry said...

i can't bear to think of another campaign but it will be nice to get the liberals out of office...

Nanette said...

I'm glad she got to meet someone she enjoyed talking to so much, she is of course lovely!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am a liberal Democrat but I love you anyway because I don't care one bit what your political leanings are! I love blogging and meeting women from every walk of life, every style of decorating, ever political view, every religion. It makes me smile..and smile...and smile some more.
~hugs and love~