Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chalk Board Project

This is a pretty easy 24 hour project. And the only reason it takes 24 hours is just because the Mod Podge has to dry over night before you
can put another coat on.

Here's what I used:
* One Chalkboard
* Stain or Brown Ink
* One Piece of Scrap Book Paper
* Magnets (mine had to be glued on and
it took about 4 across the top to get it
to stick to the side of the fridge)
* Decorative Appliques ( I ended up using
the two that you see in the finished project,
but whatever you want makes it more personal)
* Ribbon
* Chalk
* Fine sand paper

First I stained the wood frame with the brown ink and let it dry.
Then I simply measured and cut strips of paper to fit the frame. Glued them on and once they were very dry I used the sandpaper to rough up the edges. Then I wen over the paper with the bown ink. I wanted a more aged look. After that I used the mod podge and coated it about 5 times letting it dry in between coats. I glued on the appliques to the front and let them dry. Then glue the magnets to the back, let them dry. To finish, tied the chalk on with my ribbon.

It looks really cute on the side of fridge.

A piece of cake!


Sherry said...

What a great idea! Not too expensive, you can style it to the decor of your own kitchen and it's beautiful when finished!

Debra Howard said...

Very cute idea! I just love it. I will have to try that one out.

Lois Christensen said...

OH how beautiful!!! What a great idea and the end result is just beautiful!!

The Raggedy Girl said...

What a sweet idea and how cute it turned out.

Raggedy Girl

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a cute idea - great project.

Decor To Adore said...

So cute!

The link is now fixed on my post.

2 Dogs said...

Well I want one of these now. I will have to try it.

For my b-day I got flowers, cake, cards and a book from the ladies at work. John took me out to dinner. Styrafoam and me had a good day.


Tomarie said...

How cute! I love it! And easy enough even I might be able to do it! lol Thanks for sharing...L~

BECKY said...

Liz, This is a super neat idea!! You are so creative!!

You could sell these, girl!!

Hope you have a great day!!

Nanette said...

Very, very nice!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

That is adorable!! Great idea and I love it!! That would make a great project for the kids too!! Thank you for sharing!

Bo said...

Hi Liz...This would make a great gift both for one's self & others...
plus, it looks easy enough to do.
;-) Bo

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Brilliant! I love it. Thank you for sharing such a creative idea. laurie

Tardevil said...

That turned out great. Is modge podge the same stuff they use to use in decoupage? Great project, and it looks so easy, I might even be able to do it!

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Liz...thank you for visiting my little Farmhouse critters. Love the chalkboard.

Rue said...

Liz :)

That is so cute!! I'm going to try my hand at chalkboard paint in the pantry. Wish me luck ;)


Miss Janice said...

This is just too cute!

Chanda said...

Thats so much cuter than those dry erase boards. I should make one for my fridge. Thank you for showing how you made it.

BECKY said...

Hey Gal!! I have two awards for you at my blog!! Hope you're having a great weekend!!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Liz,
Well if that just isn't the cutest idea ever!
It came out so pretty. Love the scroll decoration at the top.

Thank you very much for visiting and your wonderfully kind comments on my new blog look.
I am so very appreciative.

Yours look a bit different as well.
It's very beautiful and classic.

Have a blessed Sunday.
~Melissa :)