Sunday, June 22, 2008

How I Knew I Loved Cabbage Roses

When I moved into my current home I had the luxury for the first time of having a "Living Room" and a "Family Room". Decorating the family room was easy. Blue and White of course! It is right off of our Kitchen and all of my dishes are blue and white (Blue Danube).

But the challenge was deciding what I would do with my wonderful new Living Room! Well I found a great sofa and love seat at Levitz when they finally really did close. It had a great country look and was buttery yellow with soft pink and red cabbage roses on it. I couldn't pass it up. I purchased it and then using that as the inspiration I started collecting all of the "rose" items that I already had. When I finished I found that I had plenty to complete the room. Here are some pictures.

Some people have really cool comments.... Leave me a posting


TR Hockamier said...

This is a very cool site - you are the best baby!

TR Hockamier said...

couple of things:

I think you need a header on your page with some images like roses, etc

You also need a different backgroudn - the current one is kind of blah maybe just too busy

just a couple of ideas

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz. Thanks for stopping by my Blog! Your living room is absolutely beautiful!! And I love cabbage roses too, great way to start a room ;) Jannet

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Liz! Oh, how I love your living room! So pretty and very feminine. Great job!!!

Have the very best time blogging! You are going to have a ball and meet some very sweet people, too!

:) Becky

Deborah Rigg said...

Hey Liz!!! I LOVE your blog!! I must get one myself! Thank you so much for turning me on to Rate my Space. Am soooo addicted!!! Will upload some new stuff this week! It is really fun to see your rooms after not seeing them for so long! I love you and miss you! xoxo Debi