Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Ola! My Sweet Senoritas!
The week is off to a good start.
Just thought that I would share a couple of items from my weekend.
We had a lovely Father's Day! Husband watched all his favorites and we went to
lunch and the book store after church. He then took a well deserved 2 hour nap.

Here I am ready for work this morning... sipping my new fav tea... Bigelow's Vanilla cals... no carbs! I'm also wearing my newest little project. I picked up the magazine below and it came with the little kit to make the flower. I added the button.

I was tickled because this was the first real pattern that I have actually followed.
I usually eyeball and wing it. So I think I'm getting better... I'm sure it sounds goofy...
but I really love crochet! I can have a hideous day at work, come home, and fall into a project. It seriously is therapeutic for me.

Can you tell... I'm really trying to hone my Instagram skills. It is really a convenient application.  It works on Apple or Android phones.

I started another little .99 weekend project that I will share with you later this week.

I went to the shopping center north of our home to do a little shopping and to pop into the grocery store. These flowers were so tempting.... I'm looking at them now and kind of wishing that I would have picked them up.

But the coolest thing was that some group (I'm thinking a youth group of some kind) had taped postcards all over the shopping center. Everyone was encouraging or inspirational.
I just thought that was the most awesome thing ever!

It might have been just enough to get me over my fear and loathing of Monday morning!


Susan said...

What a lovely idea to post inspirational sayings! Bless that little group, whoever they were.

The flowers were sooooo pretty. I hope you DO splurge and buy a bouquet for yourself sometime soon. Maybe next Sunday night! That way, you can look forward to Monday morning! Just a thought. Susan

Juju at Tales of said...

Awesome cup.

I gotta try that tea.

But I love finding the little empowering sayings/quotes.

Delvalina said...

The youth group is amazing. This gives me idea to do someting with my youth :)

You made such a beautiful flower.