Monday, August 13, 2012

Instagram and Casper Fry

Well, Howdy!

I'm back from Spokane. Had a lovely visit with Sweet Daughter.
It was a super, fun,  quick trip. 
Sad to say ... the Cannon broke down. Constant Communication Error. 
Sigh...the story of my life! 
So while the cannon is in the shop... we'll just have to get by with the iPhone. 
Daughter gave me a quick coaching session on Instagram and here you have it. 
If you haven't tried it yet... it is fun!
Instagram allows you to edit your photo and then post it directly from your phone 
to your Facebook page. 
This is a picture that I shared on Facebook.

 We had lunch at this darling little place called Casper Fry.

 It's kind of a new joint in downtown Spokane. They specialize in southern comfort food. 
Can you tell by the picture???...the servers wear denim Dickies and plaid shirts with either a tie or bow tie and work aprons. 

Real vintage silverware! 

That is the most amazing burger that I have ever had... and yes! That is a pile of homemade pimento cheese on top! Delish! Hands down the BEST garlic fries I have EVER had!

 Well, peanut butter and banana pie in a mason jar, of course. 
Sprinkled with an amazing brown sugar crumble, peanuts and drizzled with caramel. 
Oh, I was in heaven!

 The decor was sort of a vintage, southern, industrial chic... not sure what it really would be called.  We thought that the chairs had come from an old factory... but we asked and they really were just from Restoration Hardware. They could have lied and it would have been a great story.

Edison bulbs everywhere!

And of course my true, test for any fine restaurant ... COFFEE! 
And they did not fail! It was good and it was served in a decent sized cup!  
So 2 thumbs up for Casper Fry in Downtown Spokane. 
If I'd a had more thumbs it-a-been more thumbs up!

I do have a few other pictures that I took with the cannon before it quit. I'll be sharing those too. 

Well, bye for now!


Antiques And Teacups said...

Had heard of instagram, but hadn't been sure how it worked! Nice travelogue!
We're in NW Washington.

Juju at Tales of said...

Is that your hand and her hand. NICE!

You did an awesome job on these pics.

That place is darling btw.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Wow, you seem like a pro with Instagram already! Great pictures. looks a a wonderful restaurant. I am so going to try pimento cheese on a hamburger now. I will be craving it until then!
Those watches and bracelets are to die for! Pretty!

Melissa said...

Looks like you too had fun...

Mimi said...

WHAT A fun trip!!!
I drove through Spokane....I think we might have filled up the U-haul.....this was when we moved my Mom from Seattle to St. Louis. I also think we coasted into town in said U-haul!!!!
This place looks wonderful...I love out of the ordinary kind of places to eat while out and about my town-state and out of town...That dessert had me from looked delicious!!!!
I am looking forward to our next get together!!! Cannon did that too...had to have it repaired or replaced...thank goodness I bought the warranty at Best Buy!!!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

Oh mercy girl...can it be fixed?
Liz without her camera...I can't imagine it!
Glad you are home, and had a great time!

vintage grey said...

Wow, these place looks so neat!! Love the decor and the food looks so tasty!! xo Heather

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

This looks like a fun place. I have never been to Spokane! Your photos look pretty good, I think!