Friday, September 5, 2008

Three Cups of Tea....A Girlfriends Bookclub Review

This is an interesting story of a young man raised in Tanzania by his Lutheran Missionary Parents. After returning to America as a young adult and serving in the military, he becomes very involved in the mountain climbing community. He plans an expedition trip to K2 in Pakistan. One of the worlds tallest and most dangerous climbs. As he is almost ready to achieve the summit he and his friend are called to help in a daring rescue. This delays the assault to the summit and further exhausts the two men. After successfully rescuing the fellow climber, they decide to rest for the night and continue their assault to the Peak. The sub zero weather and treacherous conditions cause the two to become separated. Greg Morton (the Subject of the book) becomes lost and in desperate need of his own rescue.

Disoriented, freezing and dehydrated, Morton is found by an experienced Porter from a near by, small and remote village. With winter in full throws, Morton is encouraged to spend the rest of the cold weather season in the care of the village. They take him in and truly help him survive. He becomes familiare with their customes, language, and simple way of life.

After the season is over the Porter escorts him back to the K2 base camp. But first a deep friendship is developed. Morton realizes that the greatest gift that they need is education. Out of appreciation, he promises to come back and build a school for the village. The bond of friendship is sealed when he fullfills his promise and comes back to actually build a bridge... Yes a bridge! There are more intersting details, but I don't want to give the whole book away. There is even a little romance.

In My Opinion....

Reading this book was slow and challanging. I found it to be a little dry at times. But this was mostly because I had such a hard time with the names and places. ( I know! How American of me) It was interesting as it gave great insite into the years right before the Taliban took over Afganistan. It also reminded me that as Christian's, we need to meet people where they are. I think that sometimes we feel that no good can be served if we don't share Christ. I think that maybe, sometimes, we are to plant silent seeds. Seeds that can grow. Sometimes, I think that we are to just be examples of Jesus. The mission that Mr. Morton takes on is formidable and admirable. How he achieves the goals that he sets out to do is amazing. In my personal opinion the only down fall of the book is that he does not give any credit to his faith. No where in the book does he give the reader the indication that he is a Christian. But again...That's just my opinion!

I hope you found this review useful! Our Girlfriend's club meets every month and we pick a book to discuss the next time we meet. For our October meeting we are reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hmmm, I love to read, but given that I am currently taking a class on advanced English literature and reading a lot of dry stories I am not sure that I want another. :)
I did just finish "Home to Holly Springs" by Jan Karon and liked it. It was a bit different from the Mitford Series, which I loved, but still enjoyable.

kelly said...

I'm urging all book clubs to "break out" of the best seller rut -- I'm a new author published by the same team as Jodi P. STANDING STILL got great reviews and is been read by hundreds of book clubs. Just trying to get the word out!