Monday, June 9, 2014

Vanity...not vainity!

I know! I know! 
Vainity is not a word... 

But as I share pictures of my new/olden vanity table I feel like it must surly seem 
like such a self indulgent piece of furniture to some people. 

I can't help it! 
I love it!
I use it twice a day and do not regret buying it .... AT ALL! 
If that makes me vain, well... okay. I'm vain. 

It is the most feminine thing I own..... And I own a lot of gurly stuff.  
Ask my husband.  He'll quickly verify. 

Ok... no apologies... here she is!

The day I got her, I literally walked in the shop and saw her. 
The shop owner said that she is French... but I don't see any evidence whether she is or isn't.
And I don't care.

There was no hesitation! I mean it!
I bought her right then and there. Went and got my husband's truck
and brought her home.

She barely fits, and she crowds our bedroom but she still has a special spot all her own. 

Aged and perfectly chippy in an elegant way... see her dove tails?
I did add some pretty paper lining to the drawers. 

Since I can't put her against a blank wall, I put the mirror on an easel in the corner.
With the windows on either side of the corner, I get some pretty good lighting. 

She makes any occasion seem special.

So now I have to ask you...
Have you ever purchased something that you were a little afraid to purchase, 
and then were so glad that you did? 


Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

She's beautiful!! I love how you lined the drawers too. Living in a house full of boys, I can say that I'll take all the "girly" stuff I can get. :)

Meg said...

Just gorgeous Liz xxx

Juju at Tales of said...

It's lovely? Do you feel instantly transported back to the 40s when you use it?

Debbie Kay said...

Ok Liz, that is beyond gorgeous!!! So totally YOU and I know what you mean about "making it fit", I do the same thing when I just have to have something. Enjoy !!



Chatfield Court said...

She is lovely Liz. Good for you for buying her just because you loved her. They are the most satisfying purchases. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! I love the beautiful color and lines. And you found the perfect corner for it!

Vicki said...

Oh, that's pretty! I did the same thing and bought a vanity bench I didn't need, just because it was too neat to pass up. Had to find a corner of my daughter's room for it.
I like how you have your vanity styled, too.

Poppy said...

She is stunning, but in a quiet and elegant way. Styled, poised and pretty, she is the epitome of charm!

Lucky find, lucky you, Liz!

Happy weekend!