Saturday, January 10, 2009



Oh Well! What goes up must come down. This is what I'm doing today.
It is a beautiful day here in Phoenix and I'm wishing this job was done.

EEEEEEE! Naked tree!

Am I the last in the blogisphere to take down Christmas?

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Susan said...

Been there...done that... glad it is over!

Shelia said...

Ha ha! Oh, Liz, this is funny. I understand your pain. There's just no way to take down our decorations without making a mess! Good luck!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Bo said...

hi Liz...oh goody...I thought I was the last one on the planet to take my Christmas down, but now I see it is you...LOL I finished LAST Saturday...I told my DH that I didn't want to do so much next year, but then again I say that every year... ;-) BO

Melissa Miller said...

Happy packing!
You're doing good. :)

Happy To Be said...

Oh girl I just did that last week end..and I won't add so much this year...takes too long to get down..hugs and smiles Gloria

Miss Janice said...

You may be the last...I don't envy you with this!

Raggedy Girl said...

Day after Christmas all decorations are down and sitting on the big dining room table. This morning all decorations are moved to the household storage room. Are they all packed safely away, not yet. But I am getting close!
Roberta Anne

tardevil said...

I so feel your pain right now. Mine are STILL on the tree! Guess it's time to do something about it, huh?